The title is one of my weak attempts at humor….as Sigmund Freud felt that many of a person’s mental problems could find roots in early childhood. Whatever is behind the hitting struggles of Brennan Boesch..time is running out. He’s back to swinging at bad pitches..first pitches, and not getting around on fastballs. Most think he is his own worst enemy…trying too hard and “over thinking” the game instead of  letting his natural talents take over. What bothers me was the sound of Manager Jim Leylands voice when discussing Boesch’s problems…he sounded like a parent who has tried everything to help their troubled child..and it’s not working. A source close to the situation told me Boesch has a “fragile” psyche…something that can be a powerful roadblock. With the season dwindling..there is not time for hand holding and getting a security blanket and I don’t think the team should have to.


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