NEW YORK (WWJ) – Attorney and disabled rights activist Richard Bernstein is recovering from serious injuries after being struck by a bicyclist in New York City.

The well-known metro Detroit attorney, who is blind, told WWJ Newsradio 950’s Sandra McNeil he was wearing bright colors while walking along a pedestrian pathway when he was hit.

“I was walking down a hill and a cyclist was going, what the police officer said, about 35 miles an hour, and he lost control of his bike,” said Bernstein. “And then he hit me square on from behind and it was a very hard hit.”

Bernstein’s injuries are extensive: a broken hip, pelvis, along with additional injuries to his face and body. “And we have some dental issues … because the teeth got banged into the asphalt,” he said.

Bernstein said it hurts to brush his teeth and he can barely walk. He will have to undergo extensive physical therapy and expected to be laid up for eight weeks.

Bernstein said the accident has made him concerned about pedestrian safety and it’s clear that more work needs to be done in that area. However, Bernstein said he has no plans to sue the cyclist.

Richard Bernstein is the son of attorney Sam Bernstein. The family law firm is well-known across Michigan for their work with victims of personal injury accidents and for TV commercials featuring the slogan, “1-800-Call-Sam.”

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