By Raquel Parks

As the summer temperatures cool off and autumn leaves begin to fall, it can be difficult to prepare a fashionable look that’s suitable for a sudden change of temperature. One moment it’s chilly and the next it’s hot. How does a fashionista plan a stylish wardrobe in such conditions?

Although the changing climate can be deceiving, a fashionista only needs a few items in her closet to be prepared. The keys to making a look work during this time of the year is versatility and layering. Here are my five essentials.


A blazer is perfect for those early, chilly mornings to work and late nights out on the town. It’s the perfect accessory to compliment a pencil skirt in the office and chic enough to provide additional style for an after-five dress.

Most of all, a blazer provides a light layer that can easily be removed when temperatures heat up during the day.

Intermix in Somerset mall is a great place to find a trendy, blazer in any color and style.


Jeans are ideal for any season because they can be dressed up or down in numerous ways. Jeans can be styled with a light, colorful tank or short-sleeve blouse and accessorized with a pair of wedges on a hot day.

For those cooler days, jeans can be paired with a pair of stylish, booties, a light weight sweater or a long-sleeve shirt and jacket. The possibilities are endless and easy with a great pair of jeans in the closet.

Blu Jeans Bar in Royal Oak offers a diverse selection of jeans and additional accessories to maintain a fashionable look.

Cap Sleeve Or Wrap Dress

A cap sleeve or wrap dress is essential in transitional weather. Both styles allow wiggle room for days or weeks where the weather seems to take a sudden dip or raise in temperature.

A cap sleeve is cool enough for hot, summer days but can easily be layered with a sleek jacket or tailored blazer to achieve a day or evening look. The cap sleeve dress can be layered for cooler weather and provides minimum fuss and material when it’s warm outside.

Wrap dresses are comfortable and compliment any woman’s body. They’re lightweight but can also be layered with a sweater or jacket to provide just the right amount of warmth during the change of seasons.

Dolce Moda in Royal Oak offers chic dresses that are available for every season in many different styles.


A scarf is a simple accessory that can change up an outfit as quickly as needed. It can be wrapped in several different ways to accommodate an ensemble and adds a fashionable layer for warmth. Scarves should be lightweight so that it prevents heavy layering.

J.McLaughlin in Birmingham sells beautiful scarves that come in bright colors and patterns for the change of seasons.

The Handbag

The seasons may be changing but when it comes to a handbag there isn’t much a fashionista needs to worry about. It’s all about the style in which the handbag is carried. A nude-colored handbag is perfect to carry with not only light summer colors but can also add a soft touch when carried with dark, earthy fall colors. In addition, a handbag that has a bright pop of color can add vibrancy to a simple pair light sweater. The goal is to enjoy the benefit of carrying a beloved, handbag throughout any season.

Nordstrom’s in Somerset mall provides a large selection of designer handbags to choose from in any color or pattern.

Remember, the idea is to remove the fuss out of preparing a look in this in-between weather. After all, fashion should be fun and never be a chore. Keep these fashion items and tips in mind to create a stylish and sensible look, no matter what the season may bring.

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Raquel is a Michigan native with a Bachelors in Journalism from the University of Michigan. She loves fashion and writing about life’s everyday stories. She has written for various local publications that include Dearborn Press & Guide and Detroit Fashion Pages. Raquel also writes for her own local events blog, Metro Diva Pages. You can visit Raquel’s blog at and follow her on Twitter @MetroDivaPages.

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