Enjoyed last night’s double eviction, where ironically both of the nominees were evicted one after the other. However I was surprised at how much Danielle gets so concerned about being nominated or backstabbed by Dan. The feelings were definitely felt, even though they say “no hard feelings,” the “hard feelings” were felt.

Déjà Vu For Frank

Frank is back on the block and with a familiar face. However there wasn’t a twist to save him but rather send another houseguest packing. I was surprised that Joe wanted to start campaigning for votes when Ian said to clearly lay low. I wasn’t surprised that Jenn didn’t vote to evict Frank but that does put more of a target on her since she was the sole vote against Joe. It’s interesting to see the houseguests who’ve tried so hard to get on the show, fight to win and lose go out feeling defeated is really sad. Frank definitely loved the game but was put to the test week after week. Frank was emotional and Dan said, “no hard feelings,” but there were “hard feelings” for Frank. It’s a game, there will only be one winner and a bunch of losers. I will say though Frank is pretty much right up there with past houseguests for competitions. Six nominations, three POV wins and three HOH wins. For a guy who was a target he fought to stay in the game. I would choose Frank as America’s Favorite Player because he fought so hard in this game and if my prediction of the winner is right, Frank deserves some kudos and cash. Also, Ted the teddy bear was apparently evicted as well last night. Ted should have stayed in the house to play and not sent to jury.

Dan’s Fast Forward Week As HOH

If Jenn had won the HOH, Dan could have easily been in the hot seat, however luckily he calculated closer to the right amount of time to win HOH. Fast forward weeks definitely put viewers on edge and it had me glued to the tv. Dan was put in a hard spot on his nominations but it had guaranteed him safety for the night. I also think during the fast forward it’s hard for the houseguests to have a clear strategy because if the person wins HOH they’re safe for the night but they’ll then have to think about next week. Especially since we’re down to the final five it’s getting more unpredictable of the scenarios. Dan said it very well for himself, he has a very minimal amount of error and for his fast forward HOH it was definitely shown. Danielle is playing up that her and Dan are no longer aligned when in reality they are. I was surprised he didn’t nominate Jenn, however that was partially for possibly keeping himself safe for the week since his HOH reign would end that night. With no surprise there was a unanimous vote for Joe to be sent to the jury house. Interesting how Frank & Joe had been both nominated on the chopping block twice together, were saved because of the twist and now eliminated one after the other in a single night.

My Houseguests Rankings

1. Dan – He’s set himself with multiple alliances where if one of them wins he’s guaranteed safety for the week. The only monkey wrench in this would be Jenn. Jenn won’t forget she was the sole vote to keep Frank in the house before the second eviction and so Dan could possibly be sent packing. But I’m rooting for this Michigander to win for the second time. Hopefully the producers will try and scout a few Michigan houseguests for next season.
2. Ian – Has been a late bloomer in this game as far as competitions. However there are some controversy that some games are favorable to some houseguests and let’s be honest, the “Swimming with the Sharks,” competition was definitely favorable to Ian. So I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Ian again as HOH. But his “kryptonite” would be Shane or Danielle winning. He would be up on the block up against Jenn. We’ll just have to wait and see.
3. Danielle – She’s neither great nor bad in the rankings. However she was close to being the HOH for the fast forward week. So she definitely still has to fight and she’s definitely in multiple alliances that will keep her safe. However if she were to choose between Dan and Shane for eviction, Danielle had better vote Dan out of the house because if she wants to have even a slight chance of winning, she’ll have a much better chance against Shane. Besides if she were to go to the final two and win, she’d be the new “Jordan.” Float to win.
4. Shane – He’s definitely in the danger zone, the other housesguests know that Shane will be good at competitions and that will be his own downfall. But with his poor showing recently it may work to his favor. A lot of the competitions leading to the finale are mental challenges. Having to remember a lot of things that have happened in the house. Shane seems a bit air headed and lost in the clouds.
5. Jenn – If Jenn has any chance of survival this week she’ll need to win HOH. Do I think she can do it? No but I’ll hold out some hope for her.

My HOH & Nominations Prediction

Going out on a limb and saying Ian wins again but puts Dan & Shane up for elimination. The main target should be Dan but through great social game and manipulation the target would be Shane. If Jenn doesn’t win POV she may just be “backdoor” to eviction on Wednesday night.

It will be interesting to see who wins HOH and who the nominees are. Tune in Sunday at 8pm on CBS 62 Detroit! There are now only FOUR episodes left. It’s bittersweet, but all good things must come to an end. No hard feelings!


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