WAYNE  (WWJ) – The FBI raided a doctor’s office in the city of Wayne Friday afternoon — on suspicion of illegal narcotics.

And now U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade is announcing the unsealing of an indictment for providing prescriptions for OxyContin, Vicodin, and other narcotics in exchange for cash payments..

Police Chief Jason Wright says officers have been working with the FBI for a while on the investigation into Dr. M. Soloman.

“There is a search warrant that was served here, regarding illegal activity and we are just investigating – illegal narcotic activity at this point – at this doctor’s office,” said Wright.

John Rowland owns Jack’s Sports Shop next door to the doctor’s office and says he’s seen some suspicious individuals lingering near his door.

“I have had nothing but seedy looking people walking next to my store everyday, hanging out, it’s been pretty horrible, not good for business,” said Rowland.

“It’s been pretty miserable for a while – they come in by the van load and leave their garage in the street ..go next door and then they are back out in a few minutes, and back in the van and gone,” he said.

Witnesses said police detained about eight to 10 people, who were seated on the sidewalk in front of the office.


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