By i) Pat Caputo

By: Pat Caputo

Down three games to the White Sox with just 16 to go, the Tigers definitely have been placed behind the 8-ball. Yet, it won’t take a miracle for them to win the AL Central. Here are three reasons why:

1. The White Sox have the more difficult schedule with series against two contending teams, the Angels and the Rays, remaining. The series against the Angels, this weekend, is on the road. The Tigers only have one series against a contending team remaining. They play three games at Comerica Park this week against the A’s, while the White Sox are at Kansas City.
Like the Tigers, the last time the White Sox visited KC they were swept by the Royals.

2. You can lament about Tigers manager Jim Leyland all you want, but White Sox manager Robin Ventura’s lack of managing experience has showed lately.

3. There is still time remaining. This isn’t the last week of the season. By next week, it is entirely possible the Tigers and White Sox could be even. But here’s a strong suggestion for the Tigers: Stop blowing games you should win like the last two because it is rapidly getting to the point where there is no tomorrow.


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