Conan Reveals That The Replacement Refs Are Worse Than We Thought

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(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

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By: Sara

In week one of the NFL season, people were somewhat tolerant of the replacement referees. By week two, the mistakes were more glaring, and fans started asking for heads to roll. The experiment wasn’t cute anymore. Just get your stuff together (on both sides) and end the lockout.

One of the loudest voices of dissent has been Mike Pereira, a former official who was also the former vice president of officiating for the NFL. In as many formats as possible, Pereira has put the refs on blast for everything from not penalizing a coach for challenging a play that can’t be challenged, to calling a chop block that wasn’t a chop block. Mike Pereira’s head is ready to explode!

Hopefully Pereira will have a roll of Tums by his side before he views this reel of replacement ref mishaps (wink, wink) that Conan O’Brien put together.

Even though Conan’s tape is a comedic exaggeration, sometimes it doesn’t feel that far off. End the lockout!

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