By: Sara

Back in July of 2005, Adam Greenberg got called up from the minors and was given a shot with the Chicago Cubs. It all seemed like a dream come true until Adam got nailed in the head with the first pitch. The 92 mph fastball rocked the back of Adams head and left him with vertigo. Since Greenberg got hit by the pitch and never saw the field, it doesn’t even count as an official at bat. Adam never made it back to the Majors after that, and he is one of only two players in baseball history to be hit by a pitch in his first-and-only major league appearance and never take the field.

Sometimes in life you really do get a second chance, and after Adam became the subject of the “One At Bat” campaign, several teams were lobbied to give Greenberg a do-over. Who finally the stepped up to the plate? The Miami Marlins. Their offer really brings the story full circle, because at the time Adam got hit, the Cubs were playing the Marlins. Thursday morning on NBC’s “Today” show, Greenberg was officially offered a one day contract.

On October 2, the Marlins will be playing the Mets and the pitcher Adam will most likely face is R.A. Dickey. Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen is thinking of starting Greenberg in left field and then having him lead off. It may end up being just a one day publicity stunt, but Adam is hoping he will get a chance to play for some club in spring training next year. He also promised to donate his Marlins salary to charity.


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