By Zahra Huber

JACKSON COUNTY (WWJ) Just in time for Wednesday’s first debate between President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney, a southern Michigan farmer is endorsing a winner in an unusual way.

He turned one of his cornfields into giant portraits of Republican  Romney and running mate Paul Ryan.

Hank Choate, who also leads the Jackson County Republican Party, says he was approached by an Idaho crop artist who volunteered to sculpt the pictures onto 10 acres of one of his cornfields. Choate gave Shawn Stolworthy permission to start cutting — and the results are striking.

“He figured that this is his way of making a contribution to the Romney campaign and hopefully have a positive impact on it, by going out and doing this field art,” Choate said.

So how exactly does one going about creating elaborate cornfield art? It’s more high-tech than you may imagine for something that happens way out in the country.

“He came in about 6:30, I showed him a couple of fields and by 7 o’clock he was doing his thing with a John Deere tractor, a 4 foot rototiller on the back of him and a GPS globe on the front of it that he got his signal from the design he had on his laptop computer,” Choate explained.

The portraits are visible by air. 


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