ROYAL OAK — At last week’s Royal Oak City Commission meeting, Adopt-A-Watt Inc.  received unanimous approval to deploy energy-efficient lighting and EV infrastructure in the city’s parking decks — at no cost to Royal Oak taxpayers.

At the meeting, Adopt-A-Watt Founding Member and CEO Thomas A. Wither unveiled new mechanisms to assist the already successful energy efficiency funding initiative.

“This week we are going, ‘live-beta’, with our new digital media platform which will allow our program to harness the mass appeal of internet marketing and reward our sponsors with impacting and measurable ROI,” Wither said.

Wither also announced that beginning in January, Adopt-A-Watt will use the crowdfunding capabilities of the federal Jobs Act for their new Energy Savings Agreement.

“This funding arrangement will permit the installation of additional energy-efficient lighting, also at no cost to taxpayers, and will offer 6 percent interest to residents that wish to support their city’s energy efficiency efforts”, Wither stated.

For additional information, contact Bonnie Boes, founding member for public relations of Adopt-A-Watt at or (866) 643-5724.

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