DETROIT (WWJ) – The Heat and Warmth Fund has announced a new three-year, five million dollar campaign aimed at finding long-term solutions for Michigan families who need help staying warm. The new approach works at identifying why those in need, are in fact in need.

The new campaign is aimed at finding solutions to help Michigan families stay warm, in the long run.

Susan Sherer is CEO of THAW and spoke with WWJ about the focus of the campaign.

“It’s literally going physically into someone’s home, IDEO went into 15-20 homes in Flint over the course of several weeks and spent some time in those homes with those customers,” said Sherer.

“We have a behavioral research project, that was introduced that really says, “I’m not going to look at the system but instead I’m going to look at that customer and see what’s happening in their home,” What is really impacting their daily life, because it is complicated,” Sherer said.

Sherer said the goal is to get people to pay for the energy they use, and create a process where different interventions are put around the customer.

Sherer says there are as many as 600,000 people who are eligible for assistance.

THAW looks to incorporate Pilots and Interventions:

  • Care Management
  • Project Achiale/IDEO
  • Early Intervention
  • Academic Achievement
  • Electronic Service Delivery
  • Weatherization Data Aggregation
  • Thaw Seal Of Approval
  • Service Bundling/Collaboration
  • Delivery System Process Redesign
  • Thaw Mobile Delivery And Outreach Bus

Read more about THAW, here. 


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