By Mike Feld

Calvin Johnson may have looked 100 percent on Sunday, but he could sure feel his sore knee.

During his weekly chat with Stoney, Bill and Sara on Wednesday, the Lions’ wide out admitted his knee injury was lingering during the team’s 31-14 win at Jacksonville last Sunday.

“It was tough, especially before the game,” Johnson said. “I wasn’t too sure about it. I was doing some drill – some footwork drills – that I normally do easily without any problem. I was definitely having some problems with those things. Definitely put some second thoughts into my head, but I was able to solider through.”

Megatron did an admirable job hiding the pain, as he caught seven passes for 129 yards in the contest. It was the best game he’s had all season. When asked if he received any type of special treatment, Johnson said he received nothing but the most standard, over-the-counter treatment.

“That’s the thing. They don’t let you do the shots and stuff no more,” he said. “You make Advil and Tylenol your best friend.”

Fans of the Lions know all about making aspirin a trusted ally, especially after the Lions’ 1-3 start that culminated in a 20-13 home loss to the Vikings in Week 4.
Since then, Detroit has rattled off wins in three of its last four games. With a rematch against Minnesota on Sunday looming, the Lions’ improvement since the last showdown is obvious.

However, Johnson admits the team is still using film from the last contest to correct mistakes.

“We definitely watch that film,” he said. “We’re watching it already from the last game. Definitely see the mistakes that we made in all three phases. With those mistakes we made on special teams, I don’t expect those again. The mistakes we made all over the field – especially on offense, since that’s what I can speak for – I expect to put all of those to bed as well.”

Cleaning up the mistakes could mean another win, and another win would put the Lions in the thick of the NFC playoff race. Johnson and the Lions are just taking it one day at a time, however.

“We’re definitely not looking that far ahead,” Johnson said. “We’re still just focused on Minnesota for right now. That’s how we got to this point, just taking it game by game and winning three out of the last four by not looking ahead.”

Megatron has looked a bit ahead, though. In fact, it’s impossible not to.

With the annual Thanksgiving game approaching, the Lions are approaching the annual task of playing three games in just a 12-day span. Add to the fact that Johnson is playing with a bum knee and one could see why the panic button might not be that far out of reach.

Don’t expect to No. 81 to be bothered by it.

“I’m not concerned about it, as long as I’m able to play,” Johnson said. “That’s the main thing, just being able to be out there on the field. We’re well prepared, because we go through this phase of three games in 12 days every year. You’ve just got to be ready for it. I think we are.”


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