Friday at Comerica Park, the Detroit Tigers introduced their latest free agent signing, Torii Hunter. Anybody who knows Hunter knows the right fielder is so much more than just a baseball player; he’s a great quote as well. As Hunter stood in front of the media wearing his #48 jersey that he bought off of Rick Porcello (he actually donated the money for the jersey to Superstorm Sandy victims) his desperation to win a World Series seemed very apparent. “I made that, (money) I’ve got gold gloves, I’ve gotten all those accolades but I don’t have a World Series and I’m not complete” said Hunter.

Hunter is coming off one of the best seasons of his 16-year career where he hit .313 and drove in 92 RBI but that doesn’t seem to convince some fans out there that believe the vet is just too old. Hunter will be 38 in July but firmly believes he has plenty more baseball left in him. “I’m 37 years old but I feel great, a lot of people that see 37 years old say ‘ahh he’s old’ but just look at my play, look at me, look at my body, I have a six pack. So I’m ready to play, trust me” said Hunter.

The former Twin and Angel seems like he will fit right in, in Detroit as he seems to know the new Tigers mantra, ‘win one for Mr. I.’ Hunter spoke at length at his news conference about owner Mike Ilitch and how passionate he seems to be about his Tigers. “I thought he would be tough, like really, really tough. But he is just a nice, good man, a fiery man that wants to win. I Googled him and you look at his pictures and he’s always smiling in all his pictures and when I met him, that’s what I saw, that smile and that burning desire to win. Hey, I got that same burning desire so we both kind of complement each other.”

Listen to the entire Torii Hunter audio clip below, the newest Tiger is guaranteed to make you laugh…


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