The End Of Home Pride Bread? Say It’s Not So!

By Marisa Fusinski

You know you know that yellow bag. It’s pretty much the only bread I had ever eaten/was aware of prior to maybe 1992 — and the end might be near for Home Pride Wheat.

Everyone’s talking about Twinkies, and I’ve heard sobs about Ho-Hos, Ding-Dongs and those peculiarly appealing fruit pies — but few are talking about Home Pride, which, too, falls under the departing Hostess brand umbrella.

As a Metro Detroit kid in a 1980s household a bit strapped for cash, Home Pride was a staple in my family.  It was probably the most affordable, next to its colorless cousin  — the Wonderbread I doubt anyone will miss — which literally pales in comparison.

My mom believed it was a bit more nutritious (2 grams of fiber, folks!), but I feel nothing beats that delicious butter top. It’s not much of a stretch to say Home Pride makes the BEST grilled cheese and pairs with peanut butter to perfection.

Industry analysts say the Twinkie itself will likely survive, bought out by another maker of toothsome, tasty treats. And, although future is not yet written for any of Hostess’ products, the fate of Home Pride Bread is at least uncertain, if not outright bleak.

I’m sorry if I was the one to break the news.

UPDATE 1/12/13: Hostess Sells Bread Brands (Hooray!)

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