By: Eric Thomas

Lions fans are puffing out their chests because they don’t seem to want to believe. I want Ndamukong Suh to be traded. I don’t think they should “consider trading him,” I want him gone. If a deal can be struck the second this awful season is over, good. If you can get a second round pick for him, I might do back flips. Second and a third round pick would make me believe in Mayhew again.

Talk like this has earned me angry messages from Lions fans. They call me a sellout, a Lions hater, everything but a child of God. These people are delusional to the facts.

First, Suh has been inconsistent. Let’s keep in mind that there has been a game this year where Suh didn’t even record a single tackle. Suh fought the statistical office for a sack, because he knew how awful that sounded. He had a great rookie season, but has been disappointing both this year and last. He isn’t the game changer that we all thought he could be. He certainly hasn’t been worthy of his draft selection.

Second, he gives the Lions a bad reputation. I was among the many that scoffed when the Lions got a “dirty” reputation last year, but it’s gone a little overboard. Suh is widely voted the most hated player in the NFL by his peers, and there has to be a reason. The Lions defense never gets the benefit of the doubt. Here’s a question: Would the refs have noticed that Justin Forcett was down on both his elbows and knees if they weren’t staring at the Lions defense?

Third, it’s going to be a choice between Suh and Stafford. If you think they should choose Suh, a man who has been in near constant trouble on and off the field and whose sister Tweeted out that team Suh wanted to leave Detroit, over Stafford who dedicated his ESPN award to the city of Detroit you’re delusional. Stafford is the best quarterback the Lions have had in my lifetime by a country mile, and while that is a bit like being the most honest member of congress, #9 should never leave Detroit.

Suh needs to go now. Not just because of the $17 million in cap space he frees up immediately, but because he’s gone anyway. The Lions can’t afford to keep him, and if they unload him next year, they can get something of value for him. A team will overspend to get Suh, thinking they can change him. It’s a bit like that hot girl your friend used to date who is certifiably crazy. You think you can deal with the crazy part, because she is so hot. Teams will drool at Suh’s dimensions and egotistical coaches will leap at the opportunity to turn him around. The Lions get limited time to make that deal, and if they don’t pull the trigger they will get nothing.

Plenty of Lions fans will get nauseated by this transaction. A lot of Suh jerseys sold in the last couple of years. We love defense in this town and Suh looked poised to be a monster. But the monster has proven to be difficult to control, and there are times when the seemingly intelligent and balanced young man from Nebraska has been his own worst enemy. Lions fans have thrown their backs out trying to defend the guy, to the point where many have said with plain faces that Suh does not have his limbs under his personal control. Stop. Suh is hurting this team, and even if he was the defensive lineman that we all think he can be, the salary cap says he can’t stay. Best to get something for him now and draft someone in the secondary.

It doesn’t make you a bad Lions fan to suggest Suh should leave. It makes your realistic. If you are a Lions fan, you are a fan of the team. If a singular player is hurting that team, you gotta let them go. No matter how huge and talented they are. Let it go. Let’s not forget…Roy Williams went to a Pro Bowl, too.


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