DETROIT (WWJ) – The Holiday season will be a little “greener” for Chrysler UAW workers because their big payday is coming later this month.

The company has announced it will waive the financial threshold outlined in the collective bargaining agreement and pay the second half of a $3,500 bonus early.

“For the contract, we had to meet certain financial metrics over four quarters,” Chrysler spokeswoman Jodi Tinson said. “Well, we’ve reached those metrics over the last three quarters but instead of waiting another quarter to verify the additional bonus for our employees, we’ve decided to move that forward and pay it at the end of this year.”

Tinson said that checks will go out later this month instead of next year.

“The company made the decision to go ahead and pay that forward this December 21st,” Tinson said. “They will get an additional $1,750 check so that they can spend as they will in this very special time of the year.

“This is again a way of acknowledging the efforts that are focused on the shop floor, who come in every single day and put quality first and our customers first, are building great products and getting them out to market. It’s our way of acknowledging those efforts for them,”¬†Tinson said.


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