By Jeff Riger

By: Jeff Riger

Seems like the hottest chatter on 97.1 “The Ticket” these days is about Ndamukong Suh and if it would be best for the Lions to trade him? Sure Detroit would have to take a giant cap hit if they decided to pull the trigger on a deal that would send Suh out of town, but there would also be benefits. Suh has one of the last mammoth contracts from being taken with the 2nd overall pick in 2010 and it seems fair to assume that the team would be able to get a number of high draft picks in return for the defensive tackle.

I asked Suh about the rumors and if the chatter bothered him at all?

“That’s not my decision” Suh said. “That’s my GM’s decision if they choose to do that. I have to roll with the punches but that’s talk radio, I’m not hearing it from upstairs. Until I hear it from upstairs, I really don’t have much to say about it.”

Wednesday also marked the first time the media had a chance to ask Suh about the anonymous Lions player that took a shot at him in a article. Suh responded saying “it’s interesting but I don’t really read about those things just for the simple fact that, I mean it’s anonymous. I’m not talking to anybody, I’m talking to an article and an article is not going to talk back to me, so.

Suh claims he really doesn’t wonder who the mystery Lion is saying “I don’t care, you know where my locker is if you have something to say to me.” Suh continued questioning if the Jason Cole article was even real saying ” I really honestly in my heart of hearts, I really don’t think it’s true. It’s unfortunate that things are written like that but, I mean if it is true than it is true and if it’s not, it’s not.”

Watch the entire Suh video where the tackle speaks about more than just the mystery Lion and being traded.


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