DETROIT (WWJ) – It was once home to Detroit’s Hutzel Hospital, but this week it’s been turned into a movie set where the  movie Needlestick is being filmed.

Needlestick is psychological thriller written by Detroit doctor Steve Karageanes. The lead is played by “Terminator” and “Aliens” star Lance Henriksen.

When WWJ’s Sandra McNeill dropped by, he was walking scenes and doing rehearsals with the nearly all Detroit cast.

“They’re good,” Henriksen told McNeill when asked about the Detroit actors. “They’re having fun so we’re all conspiring to do the movie.”

Henriksen plays as cardiac surgeon Dr. Crick, who has discovered a cure to stop aging.

“This (is a) little bit like a reality, like Dr. Frankenstein story. It goes south without intending it to but it does. I think you’ll be charmed at first and as you fall deeper into the story, you’ll start getting scared. I’m going to definitely lure you in,” said Henriksen.

Associate Producer Richard Jewell said that all but five of the main actors are from Detroit.  As for the plot, Jewell said that Henriksen’s character’s discovery proves deadly.

“Dr. Crick has made a discovery that can prolong and rejuvenate life and in his journey, there becomes a moment when it goes to the dark side.”

Henriksen said that his character is symbolic of  people who started out with good intentions only to see them turn in unexpected directions.

“It’s more that idealism is sort of washed away and you’re able to do a good job but you don’t have that burning desire, that innocence anymore. So he makes some real startling choices.”

Henriksen and Jewell said that the movie will be a thriller. The filming wraps up next week but right now there is no release date.

“See it if you dare,” Henriksen said with a laugh. “Bring a seat-belt.”

For more information on Needlestick, click HERE.


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