By: Doug Karsch

Who in the playoffs is the template for the Lions?

I love what the Indianapolis Colts did from 2011-2103.

And it goes far beyond the selection of Quarterback Andrew Luck #1. Although for the Lions to make a similar jump in the 2013 season, there is little doubt the Lions will have to hit with their first round pick at #5.

But the Colts also appeared to target a specific part of their team that had to get better. Indianapolis was 27th in the NFL in passing offense in 2011. They made sure they would do better, with what was one of their biggest weaknesses, in 2012. The Colts selected two tight ends and two wide receivers in their next 6 selections. All of them played, all of them made an impact — and the Colts rose to seventh in the league in passing offense.

Imagine if the Lions committed FIVE draft picks to helping the defense, and hit on them ALL?

Then the Colts went out and acquired a veteran player that made an impact in their secondary — trading for cornerback Vontae Davis. Davis started slow, battled some injuries, but had three interceptions in the last two games and did a solid job when he was healthy.

There were other factors surrounding the Colts in that they rallied around their ailing coach, Chuck Pagano. But they had the kind of draft, and off-season that I wish the Lions could emulate.


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