Invisible Driver Prank Freaks Out Drive-Thru Employees

By: Sara

Sometimes working the drive-thru can be a thankless job. For some reason those workers have become the favorite target for pranks recently (Remember “coning”? That was the prank where people would order ice-cream and take it from the person working the window by grabbing it by the ice-cream instead of the cone). I don’t think this new trick will start a trend, but I love the reactions it got. A young guy made a costume that looks like the front seat of his car. He laid it over himself as he pulled through the drive-through. By the time he got to the window it looked like nobody was driving the car.

The first employee thinks it is a ghost. The second employee starts crying. The third employee is not having it, and just lets out an exasperated, “Gurrrlll!” Eventually one drive-thru girl yells, “Instagram dat joint!” I guess the lesson we can all learn is that sometimes when you want to hide, the best way to go is to hide in plain sight.

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