PONTIAC (WWJ) – A pair of Oakland County Commissioners are calling for a comprehensive solution to gun violence.

Commissioner Bill Dwyer said a greater focus on background checks and video games will do more to solve gun violence than an outright ban on weapons.

“I mean, this has become commonplace. Almost every day, somewhere in this country, you’re seeing these violent deaths,” Dwyer told reporters on Tuesday. “There were state [weapons] bans, I believe, in Newtown Connecticut, Columbine and others — and they do not prevent those massacres,” he said.

Dwyer, joined by Commissioner Marcia Gershenson, plan to form a study group that would seek the input of  law enforcement, community leaders and mental health professionals, working together toward a solution.

Gershenson said she, too, favors a need for stricter background checks, but stressed that this should not be seen as a threat to gun buyers–if they meet the criteria. “And the criteria, I think people need to understand, what is that criteria? I need to understand it. I need to hear from people what does disqualify somebody,” Gershenson said.

Gershenson said more emphasis must also be placed on help for the mentally ill. “I think the time has come to recognize that you can’t balance the budget on the backs of people that need some of those services,” she said.

The commissioners will present their resolution to the full board Wednesday night.

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