By: Terry Foster

Imagine going to Lions practice just to see the seven on seven drills between wide receiver Calvin Johnson and defensive back Darrelle Revis. It could happen.

The New York Jets are shopping Revis Island although they are telling their disgruntled corner back that is not the case. Revis might be the best corner back in the NFL when healthy. But there is a catch. He was not healthy last season. He missed 13 games following knee surgery and you never know what he will be when he returns.

But assuming Revis, 27, is healthy he can help the Lions more than Ndamukong Suh who I’d be willing to offer as trade bait to lure him to the Lions under one condition. If Revis is willing to sign a contract extension I make the move. If he is unwilling then I do not make the move. Revis only has one year left on his deal and Suh has two. The Lions can also slap the franchise tag on Suh and keep him a third year.

My gut says Revis won’t sign a long-term deal with the Lions. He wants to be where the action is and Detroit is not that. The Lions are a bad team and he’d come here and be frustrated. He wants to compete for championships and the Lions are not ready to compete for a division title let alone a Super Bowl.

My bottom line is no to Revis. He does not want to be here and why should he?

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