SOUTHFIELD — So what’s the latest in the wonderful world of technology? Well, just check out these amazing tidbits…

* Well, if you aren’t already on your way to Lawrence Technological University in Southfield this morning, you may already be too late for our WWJ Tech Report event where you’ll learn a ton about IT security — your loss! Just remember, when I tell you an event is good… it’s REALLY good. No bull.

* ABC News reviews the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry 10. So does CNet Wall Street was certainly less than impressed.

* Wii U sales are weak as well.

* IBM is sending its supercomputer Watson to college to boost its skills. Just stay away from those frat parties, dude.)

* In aviation, check out the Aeroscraft, the high-tech half-blimp, half-hovercraft.

* On the 10th anniversary of the loss of space shuttle Columbia, this looks like a very worthy documentary.

* Also in aviation, this seventh grade science project sends Hello Kitty to the edge of space.

* A little farther out, “Comet of the Century”? Let’s hope so… wouldn’t THAT be cool!

* A little farther farther out, a relatively close star appears to host a baby solar system.

* A fungus known as the “Himalayan Viagra” because of its alleged libido-boosting powers is increasingly scarce due to overharvesting.

* Unmanned aerial drones may get a new job in the United States — highway patrol.

* A federal judge has rejected Apple’s demand to increase the $1.05 billion in damages a jury ordered Samsung to pay its fiercest rival in the smartphone market.

* From our friends at CNet, the latest iPhone 5S rumor roundup.


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