DETROIT (WWJ) – Monday is “Cancer Prevention Day” in Michigan. Dr. Anthony Shields an oncologist and researcher at Karmanos Cancer Institute and he says screening has helped. He says some scans, such as the ones for colon cancer, which involve extensive preparation are being stream lined.

“Some of these involve getting scans done, those are still experimental. To some extent we are still trying to optimize how to do those but those are being explored,” said Shields.

“The cancer death rate is going down,” said Shields.”In part better treatment, improved screening and early screening, and clearly having an impact in the cancer death rate.”

Shields notes that the rates could go even lower if people were diligent about breast and colon screenings. He said it’s important to know your history:

“It’s surprising how frequently people don’t know what cancers people in their families had or what grandma died from … and those are important,” he said.

Dr. Shields advises anyone who is confused or concerned about getting scanned for cancer to consult their doctor.


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