SOUTHFIELD — Hey, what news from the incredible world of high tech? Glad you asked — here’s what I found! is!

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* Top chipmaker Intel Corp. plans to launch an Internet television service this year with live and on-demand content, entering a hotly competitive race as its core PC business erodes.

* Look what Curiosity found on Mars. Looks like a bicycle handle to me.

* And a poll finds most Americans are confident that humans will follow Curiosity to the Red Planet within 20 years. Sure hope so.

* And here’s one reason we need to be living on more than one planet: crazy people with nukes.

* Speaking of threats of extinction level events, NASA is planning a 2016 unmanned mission to help gauge the threat from asteroids.

* A new paper finds the mouse model in many cases falls short as a model for the human body.

* A $10,000 luxury smartphone gets a horrible review.

* If your company compels you to use frustratingly outdated versions of Internet Explorer to run corporate apps, your suffering will continue for the foreseeable future, even if your morale improves.

* Yesterday, the bigwigs wanted your help naming newly discovered moons of Pluto. Today, you get to vote on your favorite pictures of giant atom smashers.

* BBC spy camera robot penguins infiltrate bird colonies.

* The brokerage firm T. Rowe Price joins the growing opposition to the Dell buyout.

* Here’s the latest on what may have caused the 787 Dreamliner battery failure.  Meanwhile, the UN is moving against batteries like the ones used in the Dreamliner.


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