DETROIT (WWJ) – Gamblers at Detroit’s Motor City Casino are describing a scary scene after a gun went off on the gaming floor overnight.

Witnesses say a woman was rushed to the hospital after she accidentally shot herself in the leg.

One patron called WWJ Newsradio 950 as everyone was being cleared from the scene. She said, at first, no one knew what was going on.

“People started running … and the guard told us to move out of the way, to go to the back of the casino because somebody was in there shooting,” said the woman, who didn’t want to give her name. “So we ran to the back and we waited like about ten minutes. And when we went back to the front we could see the lady laying down. They said she had shot herself.”

She said she’s worried that something like this could happen  — accident or not.

“If one person got in there with a gun — no telling how many people are walking in there with a gun. There’s no metal detectors down there. Anybody can walk in there with a gun,” she said.

A spokesperson for the casino said the woman had a concealed weapons permit. She described it as “an accidental discharge,” but said it’s still illegal for someone to bring a gun into a casino.

The incident remains under investigation.

So far, casino management is not comment as to what might be done to beef up security.

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