By Sandra McNeill

BERKLEY (WWJ) – The boyfriend of a Farmington woman who was found strangled and dismembered in her home has pleaded not guilty in her death.

William Dhonte, 28, appeared in court via video in District Court in Berkley Tuesday, arraigned on a charge of first degree murder.

Detective Andrew Morche told the court  Dhonte had confessed to police about what he’d done, describing in detail the final violent minutes of 29-year-old Kaitlin Hehir’s life.

First, he said, it started with an argument that turned physical.

“The defendant described hitting Kaitlin in the face with a glass cup, causing her to hit her head on a dresser and fall to the ground. The   defendant got on top of Kaitlin and hit her multiple times in the face with his fists, causing her to bleed from the nose and mouth,” Morche said.

Morche said Dhonte confessed to then slamming his girlfriend’s head against the floor repeatedly before he finally killed her.

“The defendant then used his hands to strangle Kaitlin to death as she struggled and fought for her life. The defendant stated that the entire incident lasted about four minutes,” said Morche. “The defendant dragged the victim’s lifeless body to the basement where he used available tools to dismember her body.”

Public Safety Director Robert Shultz says Dhonte has been in trouble with the law before, facing charges for embezzlement and drunken driving.

Dhonte is being held without bond in this case. He is due back in court for a preliminary hearing next week.

Police say Hehir worked for more than years as a clerk at 47th District Court. This is the first murder in the City of Farmington since 2005.


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