Toronto Director Focusing Efforts On Zug Island Documentary Film

DETROIT (WWJ) – An international documentary film maker is focusing his lens on Zug Island.

It’s about the infamous Windsor Hum and with a new movie Adam Makarenko hopes he can shed some light on the noise problem coming from Zug Island.

It’s the secrecy that surrounds Zug Island that inspired Makarenko to take on this subject.

“I think the thing that interests me the most about the Windsor Hum is the actual mystery – in reality it is probably is just some industrial noise,” Makarenko told WWJ’s Kathryn Larson.

Makarenko says he hopes the project will create a new a buzz ..but he first must get financial backing.

“It has a ring to it, I mean, Zug Island, it’s an island – you can’t go to it,” he said. “There’s people guarding the island … it has a mystique to it.”

The man-made island lies between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario where the Rouge River blends into the Detroit River.

Complaints of industrial noise pollution believed to be coming from the island have come from our friends in Windsor and complaints have reached the State Department but to no avail.

The island is off-limits to the public for the most part. Camera’s are not allowed on the industrial island so photos are rare with the exception of pictures of the island from the outside.

You can see the trailer HERE.


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