DETROIT (CBS Detroit) As he wades through the emergency manager controversy in Detroit, Gov. Rick Snyder is still suffering in public opinion  from his hard-line stance on right to work.

Public Policy Polling unveiled a poll Wednesday that showed Snyder’s numbers are not recovering yet following the plunge they took in December after he signed the right to work law.

“Only 37 percent of voters in the state approve of the job he’s doing to 54 percent who disapprove — numbers basically identical to a 38/56 spread when we polled Michigan 11 weeks ago,” pollsters said in a press release, adding, “Snyder’s at just 34/56 with independents.”

The poll found the right to work law continues to be a major contributor to Snyder’s problems, with only 39 percent of voters in the state supporting it, while 48 percent are opposed.

“Those numbers are pretty similar to the 41/51 spread we found in December- the passage of time isn’t changing voters’ opposition to the bill,” pollsters found.

So, what if a vote was held today instead of 2014? It doesn’t look good for Snyder. “Snyder trails every Democrat we tested in hypothetical reelection contests,” the poll found.

Congressman Gary Peters does the best, leading Snyder by 7 points at 44-37, and 2010 nominee Virg Bernero has a 5 point lead at 43-38, representing a 23 point reversal from their first showdown when Snyder won by 18. And former Congressman Mark Schauer leads Snyder by a 40/36 spread.

But there is one bit of good news for Snyder in the poll. By a 57/30 margin, voters support his decision to appoint an emergency manager for Detroit.

“Republicans (70/16) and independents (63/27) overwhelmingly support it and even among Democrats there’s a decent amount of support (39/46),” the poll found.



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