ROYAL OAK — Beaumont Health System’s Neuroscience Center of Excellence experts will offer a free education series to help area residents better understand neurologic conditions and treatments. The March 26 program at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak will address Chiari malformation and the April 10 presentation at the Neighborhood Club in Grosse Pointe will focus on stroke.

While there are no fees to attend these programs, registration is required. To register, call (800) 633-7377 or visit

Holly Gilmer, M.D., a neurosurgeon specializing in Chiari malformation and director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Beaumont Children’s Hospital will present, “Recognizing, treating and managing Chiari malformation” on March 26. The program includes a question-and-answer session with Dr. Gilmer and other Chiari malformation experts, including: a pediatric neurologist, neurosurgery nurses, a physical medicine and rehabilitation speech and language pathologist. A local parent of a child with Chiari will also be present to share his experience and discuss treatments received at Beaumont.

The program is from 6 to 7:30 p.m. in the Administration Building Auditorium at Beaumont Hospital, 3711 W. 13 Mile Road in Royal Oak.

Chiari malformation is a disease of the brain where brain tissue is pushed down into the spinal canal. Most cases of Chiari malformation exist before birth. It occurs when the hole at the base of the skull is abnormally small, pressing on the brain and forcing it downward. Chiari malformation can cause a blockage in the flow of brain fluid, causing the normal fluid spaces in the brain to enlarge.

Autism, connective tissue disorder and spina bifida are among the conditions that can be associated with or be a result of this Chiari malformation.

On April 10, J. Matthew Voci, M.D., director of Neurology at Beaumont, Grosse Pointe, will present “Act FAST: five stroke symptoms that could save your life” from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at the Neighborhood Club, 17150 Waterloo St. in Grosse Pointe. Attendees will learn about stroke warning signs, prevention and available treatment offered at Beaumont.

Stroke occurs when a blood vessel bringing blood and oxygen to the brain is interrupted or bursts. The brain cells don’t get the blood flow that they need. When the brain is deprived of oxygen, nerve cells die and the part of the body they control does not function.

According to the American Stroke Association, stroke is identified as one of the top five causes of death in the United States. It is the No.1 preventable cause of disability for Americans.

For more information on Beaumont neuroscience center community programs, call 248-551-2315 or email

The Neurology department at Beaumont treats all neurological diseases, including stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis and migraine, among others. Beaumont also has a Myasthenia Gravis Treatment Center; a Neurology Clinic; a Neuromuscular Clinic for children; neuroradiology; and clinical neurophysiology. More at


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