DETROIT (WWJ) – The Kwame Kilpatrick guilty verdict is taking Twitter by storm as #Kwame tops the Trend list.

Thanks to 160 characters and few strokes of the key – Detroit Apparel’s Jessie Moyet has been inspired by the popularity of the #Kwame.

If it’s hot on Twitter — than Moyet tells WWJ’s Kathryn Larson it must be hot on a t-shirt.

“Right now there are just so many … hashtag’s that are big right now on Twitter and Instagram,” said Moyet. “And that’s pretty much where we are heading with this.”

Moyet said his team will work through the night on another idea, a monopoly inspired Kilpatrick theme of do not pass go, do not collect $200- and go straight to jail.

Moyet expects the 500 limited editions shirts to sell fast – and be ready for sale at the end of the week.  And to see early versions of the $20 shirts – click on here.


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