ANN ARBOR — Logic Solutions Inc. and Larky, a venture-backed startup also based in Ann Arbor, Monday announced the updated Larky mobile app and Web site. The Larky app for iPhone can be downloaded today from the App Store.

Larky helps consumers get more from their memberships and loyalty programs by alerting them when they are eligible for savings and discounts because of these affiliations. Users can also browse through the perks that they are entitled to in the app and on the Web site.

Larky helps consumers get what they deserve by keeping tabs on the countless discounts and benefits entailed by their membership affiliations. Millions of Americans belong to organizations and institutions ranging from health insurance and credit card companies to alumni associations and museums. However, membership perks are seldom used to their full advantage, because consumers tend to misunderstand or forget about their benefits.

The developers say getting started with Larky is free and intuitive, and it requires no passwords or member numbers. In the app, Larky users identify their affiliations with groups such as alumni associations, community and social welfare, credit cards and financial, entertainment, food, beverage, retail, health insurance, travel, and more.

This information creates a personalized perks dashboard that displays a user’s active perks and discounts. Larky draws on real-time membership data to categorize these benefits based on location and merchant type, and alerts users when a benefit is immediately available.

Specifically, Larky can notify users while they are shopping (or window-shopping) at a merchant that offers exclusive savings. Imagine walking into a store and getting this reminder on your phone: “Hey Joe, don’t forget your 20 percent discount. Tap here to redeem.”

“People love getting a good deal,” says Larky Co-Founder Gregg Hammerman. “Bargain hunting has become a national pastime, and Larky gives consumers a way to find discounts on stuff they would buy anyway.”

In addition, users can set their alert preferences if they only want to be reminded about certain perk types. Consumers can also use the Larky Web site to search for a specific discounted product or merchant type based on their membership affiliations.

Larky is the brainchild of co-founders Hammerman and Andrew Bank, local entrepreneurs who founded the company in 2012 and have receivedfunding from North Coast Technology Investors, The Michigan Pre-Seed Capital Fund, Invest Detroit’s First Step Fund, and several angel investors.

“Everyone forgets about the perks that organizations provide to their members,” said Bank. “But these perks help define the value of membership and potentially even the cost of membership dues. At the end of the day, Larky is about helping consumers save money and adding value to association membership by making these perks clear.”

After assuming the programming of app, Logic worked closely with the Larky team to deliver a reliable, user-friendly iOS app that delivers on its promise to save consumers money.

Logic Solutions CTO, Matt Sarkesian said, “Public-facing mobile apps are exciting and challenging work because your audience is so diverse. The idea behind Larky is amazing because it fuses together the aims of consumers and associations into the singular purpose of financial savings. Who doesn’t want to keep more money in their pockets?”

Find out more at

Founded in 1995, Logic Solutions is a privately held minority-owned corporation specializing in application development for Web and mobile. More information is available at


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