By Sandra McNeill

DETROIT (WWJ) – About 30 members of the Downtown Runners and Walkers club huddled before setting off for McShane’s Irish Pub at Michigan and Trumble Aveune … Matt Secoura had the Boston Marathon on his mind:

“We had the moment of silence and it was hard not to think you feel lucky that you are able to run given what happened there,” he said. “It’s just a different kind of run.”

Several members of the club said it was particularly heartbreaking that so many spectators and family members of runners were hurt.

“None of us can be out here running without the village at home watching our children – helping out – supporting us – carrying the water. You know, cheering, the people that hold the signs. And so … I lifted them up in prayer,” said Kasey Telly.

Nicholas Budson joined the run Tuesday night in honor of those hurt during the marathon Monday: “It kind of just felt right to come out and put some miles in – show the city that we are still running.”

Katie Singer said it’s still hard to comprehend what happened: “It’s just so sad. I can’t imagine going to a marathon and losing a limb or being injured or worse. It’s just not supposed to happen.”

The group run a four to six-mile path that led them into the pub for a drink and conversation.


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