“TRON: Legacy” Director Back With “Oblivion” Starring Tom Cruise

HOLLYWOOD (WWJ) – Undoubtedly, you know by now that Tom Cruise is back this weekend with another action thriller, this one titled “Oblivion.”

The story unfolds in 2077. Cruise stars as drone repairman Jack Harper, who is stationed on earth, which has been devastated by years of war. Harper’s mission is to repair the drones which are programmed to kill the Scavs, who are out to, yes, scavenge what’s left of earth.

As sci-fi aficionados probably know, “Oblivion” was conceived by the director of “TRON: Legacy,” Joseph Kosinski, also a producer of “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.” Back in 2005, Kosinski wrote “Oblivion,” which at the time was a 12-page story. The story was turned into a graphic novel – known in the industry as an “ashcan” – and eventually it made its way to the 2010 Comic-Con International in San Diego. There, it received tremendous support from fans, who snatched up 30,000 copies, while hundreds waited in line for an autographed copy. With so much enthusiasm for the ashcan, the stage was set for “Oblivion” to be turned into a screenplay.

That ashcan-turned-screenplay is now the feature film “Oblivion,” which – based on Cruise’s track record – is sure to be this weekend’s box office blockbuster.

Starring alongside Cruise are actresses Olga Kurylenko, as Julia, and Andrea Riseborough as Vika. Vika is Harper’s sidekick; she serves as his navigator while Harper is on earth hunting down the Scavs. She doesn’t question authority and her goal is for the two of them to successfully complete their mission so they can leave earth behind forever. Julia, on the other hand, is a stranger who crash lands on earth and, as a result, changes things for Harper and for Vika – and ultimately herself.

At two hours and nine minutes, there are a number of twists and turns in this story. While twists and turns are nothing unusual in movies – they keep the story moving, after all – “Oblivion” has so many that at times, it can be difficult to follow along. And while sci-fi is fiction, some fiction can be believable, but in this case, it’s just seems way too far-fetched. But, nevertheless, Tom Cruise fans will probably find it an enjoyable thrill ride, as will fans of Kosinski.

“Oblivion” also stars Morgan Freeman, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Melissa Leo.

Rated PG-13.

See you at the movies!

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