So what’s new and fun in the tech world whilst I’m touring Michigan? Hey, there’s still fun stuff out there…

* Remember when the future held flying cars and vacations on Mars? What the heck happened?

* In what they call the “first step in creating sustainable natural lighting,” a group of innovators coming out of Singularity University have launched a Kickstarter campaign to create glowing plants. Admittedly the idea of replacing street lamps with glowing foliage will seem far-fetched to many. But after just three days the campaign has gone viral, already having surpassed its goal of $65,000.

* Modern human beings continue to evolve. But what are we evolving into? What traits might the future value?

* Here’s more on NASA’s Kepler satellite, which seeks to answer that music question: Is anybody else out there?

* Meet Sara the teen genius, who’s running a really cool science experiment on biofuel in her room at home.

* Living Social, the online flash sales company, has been hacked. ZDNET reports the company is in the process of notifying more than 50 million customers that their data may have been compromised.

* An extreme pair of superdense stars orbiting each other has put Einstein’s general theory of relativity to its toughest test yet, and the crazy-haired physicist still comes out on top.


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