By Laura Bonnell

DETROIT (WWJ) – Wednesday is decision day for high school seniors across Michigan and the rest of the country, who will be choosing where to go to college.

Several students have made it through the application process, but what if your child is still on the fence?

WWJ’s Laura Bonnell spoke with Renee Holdo, an independent college counselor, who said parents can help their children make a choice by deciding what the best option is financially.

“If you’re really struggling between several schools to begin with to rule out at this point, that’s probably where I would begin is the sustainability financially,” she said.

Holdo said another thing to consider is where your student would best fit in.

“You do want to think about the size of the university, not only for classes but also for a living and learning environment,” she said.

And if you’re still looking for scholarship money at this late date, Holdo said there’s hope.

“Once that deadline passes, there are students that will not be coming to the university that you are choosing, and scholarship money will free up,” she said.

If for some reason your child cannot make a decision on May 1, Holdo said you can call the school and ask to be considered for an extension. And if you’re still unsure, Holdo said you can always go
through the schools’ websites, pick up the phone and talk to school officials if you have more questions.

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