UPDATE 5/3: Oil Spill In Red Run River Contained

MACOMB COUNTY (WWJ) – Police and fire officials are on the scene of what appears to be some kind of oil spill in Macomb County.

Sterling Heights resident Mike Rogers says he and a friend went to go fishing in the Red Run River, when he noticed a black sheen on the water- something he’s never seen before.

“It’s not a normal – change your car oil over the sewer drain – this is a serious amount of oil in this river,” Rogers said. “As far as I can see – 50 feet wide – the whole top is covered in oil. There is oil slick across the whole thing.”

Police are confirming that there is some kind of oil spill  in the area of 14 Mile and Hoover roads.

“There’s a lot of oil and it needs to be stopped before it hits our Great Lakes,” said Rogers. “I’m very concerned, I own a boat, I fish, I love walleye and perch and I rely on them every summer and that’s winter food.”

“Little by little as we are fishing … I’m seeing more and more oil coming down and more and more oil. And there’s a little spot by the pillar by the bridge that holds a reservoir – it is solid black – full of black oil like we seen in the BP accident down in the Gulf,” he said.

No word on where the oil is coming from but sources tell WWJ that it could be motor oil that has made its way into the river.

The city water department will be out Friday morning to determine whether there has been any environmental impact by the oil spill.


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