Titus Young Abused Staff, Louis Delmas Laughed At Him, Store Manager Says

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) From the latest episode of “athletes behaving badly,” former Detroit Lions star Titus Young was arrested in California for drunken antics not once — but twice — in 15 hours.

And it was Ryan Randolph’s chance to let the cat out of the bag where Young’s behavior was concerned.

Randolph posted a story on Deadspin and elaborated on it for CBS Detroit, outlining an outrageous incident where Young abused staff at a Plymouth-Canton AT&T store, pulled the well-worn “don’t you know who I am” card, demanded freebies, then fell asleep — loudly — on a customer bench.

It started one night after the store closed, when Randolph said Young walked up to the store and started banging on the door. Staff couldn’t open the door after the closing.

“He proceeded to hold up his driver’s license to the window and say, ‘Do you know who I am?? I’m Titus Young,'” Randolph recounted.

Staff ignored him, snickering among themselves at his act, Randolph said. “He called my employee ‘grimey,’ banged on the window and stormed off,” said Randolph, adding he’s free to tell the story now that he’s moved on to another job.

And then he came back.

With his sister in tow, Young complained to anyone who would listen that he had been kept out the night before and deserved everything in the store for free.

“His sister pushed him off to the side, she looked like she had common sense, she looked like his wrangler,” Randolph said.

Pouting, Young sat on the customer bench in the center of the store and promptly fell asleep.

“He was just sawing logs, snoring, kids were looking at him and laughing,” Randolph said.

And it gets better: About a week later, Louis Delmas — who had been famously sucker punched by Young, came in to the store and staffers filled him in.

“He was making fun of him, calling him a punk, it was pretty funny — He was just laughing about it,” Randolph said.

He added lots of Lions players stopped into the store because of its convenient location, and every other player was delightful to deal with.

“Brandon Pettigrew came in there, he was super nice, all the other players were nice — but Titus? He was just a punk,” Randolph said.

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