By: Terry Foster

I love some Red Wings fans. They crushed me because I picked the Chicago Blackhawks to defeat the Red Wings in six games during hopefully the team’s final Western Conference semifinal in history.

They came with the same retort. I know nothing about hockey. The Red Wings are coming together. The Blackhawks are overrated. The Wings young kid are matured now.

Now these same people are singing a different tune after the Blackhawks beat the Wings 4-1 in Game 1. The series is over. The Blackhawks are too good. The Red Wings are too young in key spots. The Blackhawks are the greatest team ever. So is that all it takes to sway some people?

One game? That’s it. Wow. Amazing. Of course I heard from a number of Red Wings fans who said the Anaheim series was done after the Ducks won Game 1 in Anaheim. The last time I checked, it was a seven game series which means you have to win four games, not one, to win the series.

I do not back off my claim that the Blackhawks are better, deeper and better prepared to win the Stanley Cup. But I refuse to say the series is over despite the sluggish opening game. Each game is different. Each game has a different vibe. You never know what will happen in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

With that said, the Red Wings were not really that competitive in Game One. Goalie Jimmy Howard kept them in that game and for them to win this series he must be even more spectacular, which might not be possible.


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