By: Jeff Riger

After Thursday’s morning skate there is no doubt in my mind that the Blackhawks are shocked to be down in their series with the Wings and they truly love themselves.

If you expected any sense of urgency from Chicago going into what is essentially a must win game four for them then you might be surprised. Instead what you get is players and the coach talking about how good the Hawks are and how this is the first time this season they have faced adversity. I know you have to be arrogant and cocky if you reach the level of professional hockey player, but some of the comments bordered on ridiculous to me.

Maybe I’m overreacting or maybe I’m just trying to get you to click on this page but I truly was shocked as to how amazing Chicago thinks they are.

Let me give you a couple of examples…

Chicago captain Jonathan Toews was asked about the mood of his team and how he expects them to respond being down two games to one? Toews replied, “There is a reason we have made it this far. We are a good team; we are a really good team. We have a lot of players with some great ability in this locker room and you put it all together and you play the right way and we’re an amazing bunch of guys.”


An amazing bunch of guys? You’re telling me that not just a bit over the top? Plus he said there is a reason Chicago has made it this far… Like making it this far, for a team that is expected to win it all is any accomplishment at all.

Here is another one for you…

Patrick Kane was asked about the team’s adversity and he responded by saying “I don’t think we have had any adversity really. This is maybe the second or third time that we have lost a couple of games in a row. It’s not something that we are used to in here.”

Man, these guys truly believe they are God’s gift to hockey.

First of all, this is the fourth time Chicago has experienced a two-game losing skid and they finished the season with the same amount of wins as the Penguins, so what? Oh wait maybe there is a difference; Pittsburgh is up three games to one on the Senators in their series, an Ottawa team that is a seven seed. And, then there is the amazing Blackhawks who are down to the Wings, another seven seed. Huh! You don’t hear the Penguins talk like the Hawks do.

But I want you to decide for yourself…

Listen to the attached Joel Quenneville cuts below and then decide for yourself if the Hawks totally looked past Detroit.


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