BLOOMFIELD HILLS (WWJ) — One is a two-time cancer survivor, the other a forensic toxicologist. Together, they have created CureLauncher, a new business that matches people to appropriate clinical trials at no cost.

The CureLauncher team works to provide care and comfort to the millions of Americans who are diagnosed with chronic diseases each year.

Steve Goldner, chairman and CEO, got the idea to start this new approach to clinical trials when he met the son of an old friend at a funeral. The son was going blind, and Goldner was able to find a clinical trial quickly that could help treat the young man.

After going through the treatments, Goldner’s friend told him he had helped his son more in just five minutes than all the previous amounts of money spent on doctors’ appointments. Goldner knew then he needed to start CureLauncher to help others find clinical trials with potentially life-altering treatments and drugs.

Only 4 percent of people know how to find a clinical trial, according to the Center of Information & Study on Clinical Research Participation. This means an overwhelming majority do not know how to find help. Clinical trials offer drugs and treatments that can still be 10 years away from market, and some people do not have that time to wait. Because people do not know how to find clinical trials, this also means trial sites across the country are delayed due to lack of enrollment. This means even longer wait times for these new medical developments.

CureLauncher works to place people into trials as quickly and simply as possible. The team supports each person every step of the way with one-on-one communication. The team calls the trial center to set up appointments and translates hard-to-understand medical jargon.Goldner and Fuehrer care about helping people and bringing cures to market faster.

The personalized service at, has formally launched its patent pending clinical trial service. The service quickly and precisely determines the clinical trials that are best aligned with a person’s unique goals and conditions. The personalized service — free to users — matches people to any of the 10,000 enrolling trials in the U.S.

CureLauncher provides easy-to-understand information and supports people throughout the entire process – from considering a clinical trial to scheduling an appointment to meet the trial staff. For those dealing with a chronic disease, CureLauncher is their personal advocate.

Nearly 200 million Americans have a chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma or cancer.

“Sadly, very few people are aware how to benefit from these potentially life-changing trials or how to find trials that are right for their individual condition,” Goldner said. “CureLauncher redefines the approach to clinical trials by putting people and their families first. We always put the person first and help them find whatever new treatment matches their conditions.”

Added Dr. Max Wicha, director of the University of Michigan Cancer Center: “No matter what stage of disease, you want to find all the options right from the beginning. The very best treatment for someone may be in a clinical trial.”

There are nearly 10,000 new clinical trials enrolling in the United States right now. Each trial will be delayed an average of five months due to lack of enrollment according toCISCRP.

“Currently, it can take up to ten years for a lifesaving drug to come to market – a drug that can extend a person’s life when nothing else is working and all options have seemingly been exhausted,” said two-time cancer survivor David Fuehrer, co-founder and president of CureLauncher. “With trial delays due to lack of enrollment, that means people with cancer and other diseases have to wait longer for new treatments. This is time they can’t afford to wait.”

By identifying the best matches for any individual and making the connections, CureLauncher’s mission is to empower people to make a life changing decision while helping bring new treatments to people faster.

CureLauncher helps solve the industry issues of trial enrollment with its translational database of clinical trials and proprietary matching system to find the best option for any individual — quickly and precisely. Available at no cost, CureLauncher outperforms competing approaches, both in finding more suitable matches and reducing inappropriate ones. CureLauncher generates its revenue from relationships with any clinical trial site, unlike pharmaceutical-company-funded matching services, which only offer information from their own trials.

CureLauncher has trained relationship managers who work with individuals or their loved ones. Once matches are identified, CureLauncher staff summarizes these choices in a clear, easy-to-read format that is convenient to share with family, caregivers and doctors.

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