HOLLYWOOD (WWJ) – As you may know by now – based on all of the commercials that have been airing, and from the early-morning TV appearances – “After Earth” is the new sci-fi thriller starring Jaden Smith as Kitai Raige, a teenager trying to prove his worth; and Will Smith as his dad, Cypher, a fearless ranger who must battle an alien species that wants to eradicate the human race.

In a synopsis, Cypher is gone on a long stint with his United Ranger Corps. Cypher is one of the few who have conquered fear and become a living legend in Nova Prime, the new home planet for the human race. Kitai on the other hand, is feeling the burden of living up to his father’s legendary status. Kitai’s desire to be like his father has led him to become reckless during his training, which ultimately leaves him out of graduation ceremonies; ceremonies that would lead to him becoming a ranger for the Corps, and following in his father’s footsteps.

When Cypher returns from his mission, he learns of his son’s misdirection and decides to take Kitai with him on his next training assignment. During travel to the training post for the Corps, the crew finds themselves deep in an asteroid field that ends up damaging their ship beyond repair. They are forced to land on a planet that is no longer friendly towards humans. Cypher must now teach Kitai how to hunt this alien species using a rare skill that allows him to disappear from the aliens’ senses – which, of course, has always given Cypher the upper hand.

The role of Cypher makes Will Smith’s character a dead man walking but it’s clear to see that this is a film designed to showcase Jaden and allow Will to pass the torch to the next generation of the Smith family. Too bad “After Earth” ends up being a bad film for Will to hand over the torch.

See the trailer by visiting the official website here.

– Ralph Sylvester, Guest Entertainment Reporter*

*AFTER EARTH is the latest movie review by Ralph Sylvester, the son of WWJ’s Entertainment Reporter, Terri Lee. Ralph remains a big fan of both Will and Jaden Smith.

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