DETROIT (WWJ) – Racing around the Belle Isle Grand Prix Race Track in a Team Andretti Two-Seater indie car is no longer on the bucket list of the top chef to the racing world Jaron Brounson .

WWJ’s Kathryn Larson caught up with him after taking a few lucky laps around the track with driver Davey Hamilton.

Brounson thought riding with his boss…would be a piece of cake, “He deserves all the chocolate cake he wants when he gets back to the tent.” But he wasn’t expecting all the gut wrenching twists and turns.

“We are coming to complete dead stops in like seconds, and he’s turning right, turning left and my head was banging up against there,” said Brounson.

Brounson says driving with Hamilton gave him a better appreciation of why the race car driver diet — is so bland.

“Because they have a certain level of carb intake, proteins and it helps them … digest … just butter on pasta, with a plain steak and steamed vegetables everyday,” he stressed.

“You get into a routine and that’s the whole thing, you’ve got to carb-up for sure and hydrate, hydration is so very important,” said driver Davey Hamilton. “When I race I do the complete same thing every time – it worked for me so I just stuck with it, most of the drivers do that.”

But when they win — they do indulge …with yes …chocolate cake — and champagne.

WWJ Promotions Manager Amy Berlin also got a chance to shorten her bucket list with a thrill ride around the race course.

But before Berlin could cross the track to Racer Davey Hamilton’s car, to claim bragging rights, she faced her fears head on, donning a tight jumpsuit, hot ski mask – heavy helmet and safety gloves. Amazingly her cool exterior still intact after the ride … when asked what she planned to do after the race.

“I’m going to go back to the office,” she laughed. “I’m going to go back to work.”

And after being whipped around the track at speeds higher than 130 miles an hour, like a trooper, Berlin did just that.


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