LANSING — Lansing-based IDV Solutions and Cambria, Calif.-based Applied Geographic Solutions Tuesday announced a partnership that will add AGS’s risk and demographic data to Visual Command Center, IDV Solutions’ physical security and risk visualization software product.

The partnership will offer IDV Solutions’ customers more options for visualizing risks to their operations.

Visual Command Center software enables a security operations team to receive risk events from many disparate information sources, data services, and security systems, and then visualize the risk those events may pose to the organization’s assets, like employees, buildings, and supply chains. 

Applied Geographic Solutions provides demographic and marketing databases.

Under the partnership, AGS will provide its U.S. Risk Package data package, as well as a Custom U.S. Demographic data package, to be visualized in IDV’s Visual Command Center.

Said IDV CTO Ian Clemens: “With the AGS data visualized in Visual Command Center, security and risk management professionals have increased risk intelligence to make decisions to keep people and operations safe.”

The U.S. Risk Package provides an index of relative risk, by location, for the current year, on events such as hurricanes, tornados, hail, wind, storms of all types, rainfall, snowfall, earthquakes, and crime. Additional data variables for both risk and demographics will be available on an a-la-carte basis.

“IDV Solutions’ Visual Command Center provides richer insights into information,” said Gary Menger, AGS’ owner, “Visualizing the historical risk and demographic data that our analysts compile will help organizations better fulfill their security missions – from selecting sites and building locations, to adjusting evacuation or emergency procedures, or to understanding where the security posture may need to be increased or decreased.”

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