By: Matt Dery

1. How did the Spurs let that game get away last night? I will admit it, I don’t like the Heat. I happen to respect the heck out of LeBron James and the immense amount of pressure that he is under, but I can’t root for him. San Antonio had Game 6 in the bag last night and somehow it slipped through their fingertips. You have to make free throws and you have to secure rebounds and the Spurs did not do that. Ray Allen bailed out LeBron. Period.

2. I am a big Gregg Popovich fan. I love his in-game interviews with the sideline reporters and I think he is brilliant as a coach. But he messed up last night. Tim Duncan not being on the floor for Miami’s final possession in regulation was a huge mistake and then in overtime, why wasn’t Tony Parker on the court for the Spurs second to last touch? I didn’t get it last night and I still don’t understand it.

3. Can we please stop comparing James to Michael Jordan? The Spurs are basically daring LeBron to shoot the ball from 16 feet and out. No team would have EVER given MJ that kind of airspace. Enough with the comparisons.

4. I have to give the Tigers’ Jhonny Peralta his due. For the past few years, I have given Jhonny a lot of grief because, quite frankly, he was a real dog his last two seasons in Cleveland. I saw it firsthand. Jhonny seems to be rejuvenated this season and is hitting the ball hard and has really carried that bottom of the Tigers order. He is also laying off that breaking ball low and away and that has brought his OBP way up. .385 is the highest it has ever been for him.


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