FERNDALE (WWJ) – Decisions are expected by the Supreme Court Wednesday that will affect the LGBT community. Decisions facing the court are whether or not to uphold, in whole or in part, California’s Proposition 8 and Section 3 of the Federal Defense of Marriage Act.

“We hope that DOMA – or the Defense of Marriage Act – is found unconstitutional and so those individuals that are married in states that allow marriage will receive federal benefits like social security – and then with Proposition 8 in California, it is likely that Californians that were once married and then that was taken away from them … their marriages will be recognized,” Dave Garcia, the executive director of Affirmations, told WWJ.

“Either way, whether DOMA is overturned or California wins marriage – obviously that won’t affect Michigan,” said Gracia.”It is possible, I suppose, that the Supreme Court justices will make marriage legal for all gay people across the nation. But we don’t expect that to happen. We expect the decision to be pretty narrowly focused.”

Garcia says Affirmations will hold a gathering in their office in Ferndale Wednesday morning, prior to the court’s expected 10 a.m. announcement.

Affirmations is Michigan’s largest LGBT organization.


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