DETROIT (WWJ) – It’s the middle of summer vacation from school, and for lots of kids, that means a break from regular routines. But a new study says that may not be such a good idea.

British researchers say going to bed at different times every night appears to reduce brainpower in kids says WWJ Health Reporter Sean Lee.

Beaumont Child Psychiatrist Joel Young says although kids thrive on having regular schedules, parents should also recognize it’s OK to bend some rules within reason.

“It’s good to have a stable bedtime, be it later in the summer than during the school year – that’s okay, “said Young. “But even on those days that it’s unusual and there is a late night event going children will recover and general routines are good but so are exceptions.”

Doctor Young also says knowing how much irregularity your child can handle is the most important factor when determining schedules.

If kids exhibit fatigue and behavior problems, enforcing a consistent, earlier bedtime may help.


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