Evil Prank On Girlfriend. How Should She Retaliate?

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By Sara

If you have ever seen the movie “The Ring”, you know that one of the freakiest parts is when the little girl crawls out of the television. If it happened in real life, who wouldn’t start screaming their head off?

This gave a man named James Williams an idea for a way to prank his girlfriend. He actually spent weeks building a puppet/doll that looked A LOT like that evil little girl, and then attached it to the TV when his girlfriend fell asleep on the couch.  Once the puppet was attached, James ran upstairs and woke his girl up by making moaning noises.  That is when the real show began.

Not only did the girlfriend FREAK OUT, she made the most bizarre screaming noises.  It kind of sounded like a pig on the way to slaughter.  I hope this girl gets her revenge.  At the very least, she needs to make the boyfriend sleep on the couch for a while…and he better keep one eye open.

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