By Mark Drum

Viewers discretion is advised, thanks CBS for that reminder. In case you missed it, at the very beginning of the show CBS reiterated their statement about the game, the houseguests and where CBS stood. This wasn’t the first time CBS has needed to do this — nor will it be the last. All the networks have done this and not just for reality TV. It is good to remember what reality TV is. We’re watching real-life people and how they act on a daily basis. Now granted, for Big Brother it’s a game show but nonetheless we’re watching real people. As the saying goes, “We’re not all cookie cutter,” and this applies for Big Brother. Love to hate or hate to love, it’s getting viewers to watch the show.

Moving Company Has Shipped Out

The “CEO” has left the building thanks to two of its members siding with the Mom Squad and the “majority” of the house. Ironic for Aaryn to say she’s in the “minority” when she has been on blast about racial stereotypes. Poor GinaMarie, sad to see her crush of only three weeks leave the house. It’s interesting to see how close of a bond someone can have with other houseguests but GinaMarie was crying a river of tears. Live Feeders know that this happened for several hours after the eviction. I did find it interesting that Aaryn was their to comfort her and try to get her back in the game to fight for HOH. However GinaMarie also had some choice words to the houseguest that voted out Nick, while Aaryn was the little voice fueling the fire.

Spencer was upfront to Howard that he had switched his vote and said it’s about winning the game. Which I commend Spencer in doing, but it left Howard in a tough spot. Not surprised the house slowly figured out who the fourth vote was but it also let to some confrontations. Kaitlin badgering Jessie was a bit unnecessary especially right before the competition but Kaitlin, like GinaMarie and Aaryn felt betrayed and wanted answers. While Jeremy was in shock but knew that this was a game and had to move on. Sadly for Aaryn, Jeremy, GinaMarie and Kaitlin they ended up falling short to the Mom Squad as Helen won HOH. But the HOH competition was down to the wire, where they had to go to a second tire breaker, which I can not remember ever happening in the past seasons. It was good to see that studying pays off.

Emotions On High And Tempers Flare

A few hours after the HOH competition, Aaryn decides to find a bed that she’ll want to sleep in now that she’s been dethroned from power. However Jessie wasn’t having it and calmly asked if Kaitlin nor Jeremy weren’t having. In all fairness, nobody has ownerships to any of the beds in the house, but one would think people have common courtesy. This blew up when it didn’t need to, yet being stuck in a house for three weeks starts to wear people and for GinaMarie it showed. I think it was childish how GinaMarie and Aaryn started to bully against Candice. Now for both GinaMarie and Aaryn it’ll be interesting to see how they’ll react at themselves when they get out of the house. Their actions had consequences inside and outside of the Big Brother house.

Howard trying to be a supportive person carried Candice out of the situation. Also was anyone surprised to find Howard and Candice in a showmance? I was slightly thrown off by this revelation that CBS finally decided to air. Nonetheless the game got personal for Howard and we saw him break down. How Howard has approached this game has been trying to be true to his own alliances and not getting into any confrontations, but that will only last so long.

Now during the Have Not competition I don’t know what was worse, seeing McCrae compete horribly or Howard trying to throw the competition. Personally it would have been nice to see GinaMarie, Kaitlin and Aaryn be Have Nots but somehow, with Howard throwing it, they managed to pull off a win.

Big Brother Chess Match

McCrae took a calculated risk in telling Amanda about the Moving Company and his reasoning of why he decided to vote Nick out over Elissa, he didn’t want to lose his “Queen.” Big Brother is like a chess match, but when a player gets exposed it’s hard for them to cover their bases or protect their king and for McCrae, he’s relying on Amanda to be his “Queen.” Short term is great, but long-term may come back to bite him. I was shocked that Howard was deflecting and denying the existence of the Moving Company to Helen. Ironically the person Helen found out about it from is the same person Howard is having a showmance with. As Howard said, “women know what’s up,” and he should have realized Candice started to figure this out. The Moving Company played too fast but would have been a great alliance had they not been exposed so early in the game.

Nominations were not a surprise in that Kaitlin and Aaryn were nominated. But we really didn’t get to see what Helen was thinking in those nominations. I really do hope it’s to backdoor Jeremy, however if Jeremy gets the opportunity to win POV, he’ll use it to not only save himself but also Kaitlin. If that happens it’ll most likely be Aaryn getting evicted this week. Or keeping with the BBMVP nomination being eliminated, we could see that person get the boot.

My Choice for America’s Vote

Artichokes and anchovies are my choice for the houseguests for next week’s Have Nots. Because I personally am not a fan of artichokes, but also the smell of anchovies could get bothersome after a whole week and I’m pretty sure many of them aren’t a fan of seafood. A close second was sauerkraut and seaweed. However I wouldn’t be surprised either if America was nice and vote for macaroni and mangos. To find out what our options are and what we’re voting on visit the America’s Vote page.

My Prediction For BBMVP Nomination And POV Winner

Looking forward to this POV competition, we’ll get to see if Aaryn can actually win something with out another houseguests help and if Kaitlin performs as she did during the last HOH, I won’t be surprised if she wins. But it’ll be interesting to see who the third nominee would be. A great pawn would be GinaMarie, but if Elissa were to win it again, and the odds are very high, Elissa will probably target another boy. My bet is Howard or Spencer. My POV winner prediction is Helen because I think she’ll want to make sure to decide which girl to take off and target Jeremy. Also if Helen were to win, she could also try to make a deal for herself to not get targeted for the following week. But I’m speculating now.

Can’t wait to tune in on Wednesday at 8 p.m. on CBS 62 to see if my predictions are correct.

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He hopes to one day be on Big Brother and win. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He’s a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets and theater stages around Detroit. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter /Facebook / Email


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