DETROIT (CBS Detroit) – The big announcement has come, and the X Games will not be held in Detroit.

Austin won out from four final contenders that also included Charlotte and Chicago.

Supporters of bringing the X Games to Detroit pulled out all the stops, creating a Facebook poll and asking “Where should the games be held?”

Turns out, lots of people agreed the extreme sports event should be held in Detroit.

Detroit had 23, 067 votes to handily take the lead over Austin, at 15,246; Charlotte, with 9,189; and Chicago, which has a mere 850 votes.

The poll also garnered thousands of comments, with supporter Mary Williams Atchison writing, “The D deserves it!” Philip Brown went even further, writing, “Detroit please, it would show support to a city rebuilding itself. It would be easy to pick Chicago or Austin for their prettiness. Detroit is a heavy sports town, and X games would garner a lot of accolades just for going outside of the box. Detroit did great handling the superbowl and all stars games and the fans came out!”

ESPN, the creator of the X Games, last month announced that after 10 years the Games will move from its original Los Angeles location.

After an intense grassroots campaign, Detroit was one of four cities winning bidding rights to host the ESPN X Games for three consecutive years beginning in 2014.


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